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Nonprofits confront the same problem of acquiring donors even now, but with the added complexity of leveraging a multichannel environment. Acquisition costs have increased at the expense of program implementation and in many instances, are a result of marketing efforts gone awry.

We founded Donor Detectives in 2013 to revitalize nonprofit acquisition programs with innovative and data driven strategies, putting in place the machinery and skills to execute them effectively. Our prospecting services package brings good quality donors looking to engage in a longtime relationship with the nonprofit organization. Donor Detectives, after all, is on a mission to enable non-profits to continue their efforts in our communities for a long time to come.


Shout out a yes if you aware of or have worked with agencies that claim to have an end to end solution offering to acquire and manage your donors. An emphatic yes – of course!

Now how about a yes for agencies that you feel actually specialize in the end to end solution offering. A slightly muted response?

How about a yes for agencies that have the same team go through different phases of strategy, design and development, execution process, execution and analytics? A very feeble response? We thought so and, as it turns out, most other people share your sentiment.

The problem is that there’s a fundamental mismatch between how donor acquisition is marketed — and the way that nonprofits actually would like to have it managed.

Having worked for many decades with non-profits from an agency perspective, a couple of learnings across multiple clients and programs really stood out for us:

  • There is marketing and then there is marketing that is specialized in acquisition of qualified donors
  • Strategic Plan execution is just as important as the development and design of the strategy itself
  • Marketing goals need to be geared to increase response and donations, and should be media channel agnostic. It is not branding, awareness or PR, although those are convenient benefits in themselves

When we started Donor Detectives, we knew a lot more could be done for nonprofits without the restrictions of the corporate world.


We have one simple goal: Focus on donor acquisitions, it’s where the relationship with the donor starts and nonprofits can get growing.

We believe that Innovation in the nonprofit sector is a movement that is taking off and believe we will be at the forefront and define this movement. To reiterate – Donor Detectives is on a mission to enable non-profits to continue their efforts in our communities for a long time to come.

We have known each other for many, many years personally and professionally, together being instrumental in acquiring millions of donors for nonprofits. Our experiences and expertise complement each other. Both of us believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it.


For us, Success is making those who believe in us, succeed. We work passionately; We walk the extra mile; we are your true partners.

Thank you for starting a relationship with us!

Madlen Satamian

Founding Partner & President


Founding Partner & EVP

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