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We understand that every marketing dollar optimized means more after school programs for at risk youths, more education to underprivileged children, more families sheltered and fed. And therefore we believe Analysis is THE most important step.

“Competing on Analytics” is one of the Innovations that nonprofits are going to see more of in the coming years and we intend leveraging it to maximize value. Insights from analytics needs to be prescriptive or made actionable otherwise it’s a waste of budget.

We work with our client’s internal data (campaign performance, donor demographics, behavioral data etc.) as well as external data (3rd party prospect lists, market research data etc.) for analysis purposes.  We use the following guiding principles to determine the KPI’s/metrics and design of the insights:


Strategic Principle:

  • Relevant – firmly links measures to strategic drivers and objectives
  • Focused – chooses the “right measures” at the right levels in the organization
  • Comprehensive – includes all component pieces


User Principle:

  • Actionable – enables individuals to take action and achieve goals/targets
  • Understandable – are clear, easily explained, and transparent
  • Credible – are resistant to manipulation
  • Balanced – incorporates quantitative and qualitative measures, where practical and relevant


Implementation principle:

  • Cost/beneficial –  appropriately balances the level of effort between data gathering /monitoring and utility
  • Differentiated – are not redundant
  • Consistent – are vertically and horizontally aligned and support efficient aggregation and dis-aggregation“ (e.g., drill down” ) of information


Optimize your acquisition program with a closed-loop analytics approach to complement your  go-to-market strategy.

Analysis Framework

Whether you are looking for a review of your current strategy to gain donors or someone to handle all the details from start to finish, our Maturity Model Investigation Framework can help you evaluate your program effectiveness.

Donor Detectives Maturity Model

While we are focused on prospecting of donors only, prospecting impacts all other revenue sources and we factor that in our Investigation.  The prospecting campaign also impacts the long term health of any nonprofits file and hence their ability to fundraise.  Looking at everything in silos is counter intuitive; and we emphasize a holistic approach.

Our Maturity Model Investigation Framework enables Objective assessment of our client’s current state when compared to peers and the IndustryOur Investigation of the “As-Is/ Current” client state encompasses a deep dive into the following areas:

  • Understand the client’s goals and aspirations, short-term and long-term
  • Understanding the structure of the organization
  • Analysis of the market and environment
  • Campaign effectiveness analysis
  • Reviewing the organization’s past media efforts and current relationships
  • Scanning the existing acquisition processes
  • Understanding the client’s successes and failures


The evolution of each nonprofit’s donor management program is unique. Our Investigation provides a reference framework to benchmark against Industry/peers. In addition, it also outlines a roadmap towards an aspirational future state.

Sometimes it takes an outside party to get a true perspective on what is going well (and not so well), to build the vision and strategize to achieve the next level.

Whether you have done your own due diligence or utilized our Investigation service, your next step is to ask yourself “What to change” and “How to change?” to evolve to the next level.

Our approach to crafting your unique strategy involves

  • Identifying key operational levers, processes and change initiatives
  • Objectively prioritizing change initiatives through our Decision Framework
  • Put together a truly integrated multimedia annual ‘strategy game plan’

Decision Framework for Initiatives

It is critical to incorporate the identified key operational levers, processes and change initiatives into the strategic agenda to ensure successful implementation of the strategy. The overall strategy needs to address increased response and donations and should be media agnostic. It is not branding, awareness or PR although those are convenient benefit.

We can craft a strategy that makes the best use of the resources you have. More importantly, we make sure that all the teams and vendors understand the strategy and actually follow through with it.

Execution is just as important as the development and design of the strategy itself.  Given our experience in the regional and national acquisition programs, we have a keen understanding of the importance of paying attention to every little detail.  If small details are missed, it may open the door to jeopardized and failed campaigns.

We have a stellar reputation in execution of integrated multimedia plans because of our close attention to People and Process.



  • What makes Donor Detectives unique is the fact that the team that leads the development and design of the strategy, is the same team leads the planning and execution. This allows for every detail to be implemented properly with a keen understanding of the impact if done incorrectly.
  • While we bring many seasoned professionals to the table throughout the different phases of the project, the same team lead starts and ends the project. There is no hand-off visible to the client as the project moves through its many phases.



  • We bring “Best in class” processes from our prior experience and across engagements to improve execution of tasks ranging from creative work, the media plan, buying the media, reporting, streamlining campaign operations and execution.
  • We bring ‘accelerators’ in terms of audit check lists, templates, etc. that improve the efficiency of execution.

Scalable and replicable execution model that encourages re-usability of assets, reduces costs and increases speed of execution.