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Donor Detectives Team

Donor Detectives Team

For years, direct mail has been the primary way to reach a household at a specific location with a fundraising message. Now, you can accurately reach the same household on the Internet through IP targeting. This gives you the power to link your direct mail fundraising with digital (online) fundraising – reaching your donor or prospect through multiple channels with one integrated message.

Early adopters of this program have reported that IP campaigns are 50 to 100 times more targeted than television, 6 to 60 times more effective than other online ads, and have a click-through ratio an average of 3.2 times better than industry averages.

Curious to know how the program works? Read on…

How IP Targeting Works

Donor Detectives will match your DM lists of physical mailing addresses with a proprietary set of home network IP addresses. There’s an average of 50% match rate of users that will then be served with Display or Video ads virtually anywhere on the Internet. The campaign is created to follow your DM in-home dates and schedule. The “matched list” is measured against non-targeted group for quantifiable results.

What IP Targeting Can Do for You

Linking your donor’s or prospect’s address with their computer means you can reach them multiple times through direct mail plus ads on the Internet. They’ll see your message in the mail and as they browse their favorite websites. You can use both display advertising (banner ads) along with pre-roll ads on videos to reach your audience.

Respect Your Donors’ Privacy

IP targeting allows you to reach your donors and prospects online with surgical accuracy at the exact time of your choosing. We do this in a privacy-sensitive manner by assigning a unique privacy ID to each target to prevent individual computers from being personally identified. We do not use cookies.

Track Your Effectiveness

Donor Detectives will accurately track the impact of your ads, including exposure to each ad and the click-through rate. We also match back IP addresses with your website activity to determine the impact on fundraising results, allowing us to calculate the percentage lift from the online ads.

Increase Results – Raise More Money!

By sharing your message in multiple ways, you gain additional exposure and impact. Nonprofits using IP targeting have seen campaign results increase up to 34%, meaning more dollars to carry out your mission.

Now that you have the basics, we recommend testing IP targeting with your donor file and then roll it out to donor acquisition. You can try IP targeting with no minimum file size. We’ll work with any size budget. Contact us today to get started.

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