Turning a “Like” Into Revenue

Donor Detectives Team

Donor Detectives Team

About five years ago I attended an AFP conference and a hotshot early 20-something said that a nonprofit doesn’t need a website and the days of having websites are over. Well, as a fundraiser marketer and in development for 15+ years now, I just wasn’t ready to buy that.

Well, it looks like I am now in partial agreement with her.

For so long Facebook has been discredited as a fundraising revenue channel and only reserved for engagement strategies. Strategies categorized more as cultivation yet it had limited ability to convert followers into donors. We have all played a game or watched some compelling video and gladly shared it on our own walls. But once the compelling emotion came, it went; we moved onto the next wall post.

Nonprofits now have the ability to apply Donate Now buttons on their Facebook Pages and Ads. This opens the door to some amazing integrated campaign opportunities that capture the emotional moment that compels followers to actually donate. This is great news! Now Facebook really is an acquisition channel!

So will this change the need for your website?

Probably not. What it does is add to your integrated multi-channel marketing mix. Your website is still just as valuable as ever.

Case Study after Case Study we see that integrated campaigns lifts revenue. Having Facebook now be a solid player in the multi-channel mix makes it even easier for the donor to establish a relationship with the nonprofit.

Here is a link as to how to make it happen. <Add Donation Button to Nonprofit Page and Ads>

Let’s schedule some time and talk about how we can utilize Facebook in your acquisition program.

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