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Partnership with Workforce Development Team Results in Expanded Program Awareness and Successful Participation

CHALLENGE: While the Community FoodBank of NJ’s Workforce Development Academy Program offers a variety of free on-the-job trainings in high-demand positions like Warehouse Logistics and Food Services, the outreach department has struggled to get the word out and receive enough applications to fill out the courses. Considering a similar low application volume for the fast-approaching June 2023 courses, the client called out for support in expanding awareness in the digital space and promoting the courses set to start in the upcoming three weeks.

SOLUTIONS: Donor Detectives worked in partnership with the Food Bank’s staff under the guidance of Dr. Elaine Sanders, Director of Workforce Development to quickly assess the campaign’s objectives and proposed a plan to get a digital campaign in the market as fast as possible.

Considering the timing, employment advertising policy restrictions, and creative assets available, two top digital channels were successfully planned and executed. Both teams and outside vendors collaborated to have digital ads on the screens of potential applicants in no time and within two weeks of the course’s start date.

RESULTS: In only 17 days, Facebook ads alone reached almost 140,000 unique users resulting in over 2,300 visits to the website application page. In support of the Facebook campaign, a display banner ads campaign served over 300,000 impressions sending a total of 460 users to the page.

In an integrated effort, both channels contributed to a 69% increase in applications to the Food Services course and a 57% increase in applications to the Warehouse Logistics course. Both courses were successfully filled out ahead of the June 11 start!

Bottom line: As with fundraising, digital advertising offers a wealth of opportunities for professional development programs, job recruitment, and beyond!

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