Collaborating with Stakeholders

Partnership with Multiple Stakeholders Result in $500,000 in Revenue for FoodBank

CHALLENGE: As the novel coronavirus broke out across the country in early Spring 2020, a perfect storm emerged within the especially hard hit New Jersey emergency feeding network, resulting in increased demand, declines in donations of food, and a much greater need for revenue to feed those in need. The client called for all hands on deck to get their multichannel fundraising engine in motion and FAST!

SOLUTIONS: Donor Detectives worked alongside the Food Bank’s staff, their PR/Ad agency and their direct response agency to get several campaigns developed and in market across paid digital media channels in days. Channels usually only used at Year End were reactivated, budgets from other times of the year were reallocated, brand new creative from the ad agency was reworked in real-time to fit the digital channels’ specs and strict placement guidelines around a pandemic. Our staff worked day and night to get the creative active, approved by each media, and generating revenue.

RESULTS: People that saw or clicked on the Facebook Ads alone resulted in over 2,500 donations (half from new donors!) and over half a million in revenue. All combined across their website and all digital channels during the three months of heavy COVID fundraising, the FoodBank raised over $3M in revenue. And at fiscal year-end, their online program revenue actually exceeded that of their direct mail program.

Bottom line: Collaboration is key in a time of need!

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