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Multi-Channel Integration Builds Donor Database

CHALLENGE: Like most nonprofits, FeedMore (consisting of Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and Community Kitchen) was experiencing a decline in their database due to single-channel direct mail programs.

Research showed that there was a difference in the perception of hunger as a priority between the donors and the general public. Yet the priorities in choosing an organization to support are quite similar. Both groups have strong trust in the organizations use of funds for local support.

Despite the universal trust, the database was declining.

SOLUTIONS: The Donor Detectives team developed a strategy across the following channels:

  • Traditional Media: outdoor (posters, bulletins, transit), TV media (different channels), traffic sponsorships, and newspaper (Richmond Times)
  • Online: digital banners, Pandora, Lightbox, Google and AdWords

Campaign execution details were designed for each of the channels.

Data analysis was used to tweak the strategy to introduce new channels (test radio stations), expand on what’s working well (continue filming new TV spot, out of home advertising) and reconsider channel components that don’t meet targeted KPI’s (Pandora, placement sites for Lightbox etc.).

A new strategy was used for mail acquisition that includes increasing mail frequency into the households for the top level of prospect lists over a two-month campaign. There was a 23% increase in mail quantity.

RESULTS: With the new integrated multi-channel direct response strategy in place, FeedMore is well positioned to ensure its budgets are spent optimally on relevant channels and components. The strategy is set up to ensure that goals on the metrics of donor acquisition – number of donors, quality of donors and $ gift amount – are continually met or surpassed.

  • New donors acquired went up by 60% and the average gift amount went up by 4%.
  • Lightbox and Google Ads were tested as digital components for the first time and they delivered 195 new donors at an average gift amount of $200; the Return on Investment for these digital components were 1:12
  • Overall online donation transactions increased by 28% and total gift revenue increased by 18%.
  • White Mail transactions increased 21% and total gift amount by 47%.

Bottom line: Investing in building a solid donor database will not only pay off in the short term, but also strengthen the fundraising foundation in the long run.

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