Multichannel Integration: Kentucky Humane Society

Acquire More Donors by Leveraging the Message

CHALLENGE: The Kentucky Humane Society headquartered in Louisville, KY has strong relationships with their local media providers. For many years, the Society has budgeted and made use of outdoor billboards, newspaper placements, radio spots and more. Media has been utilized on and off throughout the calendar year.

Continuously, for several years, analytics has shown mostly a flat rate in growth from year to year.

Questions arise like:

  • Does the media mix have the best media placements to help acquire donors?
  • Does the strategy support both PR – brand awareness and fundraising?
  • Is the message compelling?

The organization reached out to their agency and Donor Detectives to do the following:

  1. Increase the number of new donors, the first time gift amount, white mail income, and online giving.
  2. Holistically increase the overall income from all sources.

SOLUTIONS: Donor Detectives collaborated closely with the marketing agency, the Humane Society and their media sources to implement an Integrated Multi Channel Strategy starting with the Fall Campaign.

Channels included:

  • Free Standing Inserts
  • Space ads
  • Radio Promotions/Spots
  • Outdoor Billboard
  • Google Adwords
  • Digital Banners
  • Retargeting
  • Mail

After a collaborative creative review, the channel designs were centralized around a feature dog with a strong call to action.

Donor Detectives ensured that all media channels/platforms used industry best practices, proven messaging and strategies that were based on Donor Detectives’ experience with similar organizations.

Once creative was integrated with a compelling message within all the multiple channels in the strategy, the mail penetration was increased by 50% and with greater leverage of list mix.

RESULTS: The enhancements and changes showed great success for the Kentucky Humane Society!

All channels were tracked. Since the initial Fall Campaign:

  • total bottom line gross revenue increased by an incredible 43%
  • online donations increased 60%
  • acquisition mail acquired 90% more new donors with an increase of 129% gross revenue and 21% increase in gross revenue per new donor.

Bottom line: Leveraging local media relationships using the analytically supported media placements AND ensuring all creative is integrated with a compelling message has provided the Kentucky Humane Society more donors and a greater return on their investment.

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