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Utilizing Local and Statewide Giving Campaigns to Generate Great Revenue

CHALLENGE: A humanitarian organization based out of Colorado wanted to increase their revenue during Colorado Gives Day. This had typically been one of the largest giving days of the year for the nonprofit, and they partnered with Donor Detectives to develop a new digital strategy. They needed an integrated campaign that would work along with their direct mail and email efforts to increase giving. The challenge was to create an independent campaign that would run during this crucial time, with similar messaging to optimize on the statewide marketing efforts of Colorado Gives Day (CGD) on December 8, 2020.

SOLUTIONS: Donor Detectives helped the organization create a social media campaign with a 2-part strategy.

  1. An awareness campaign on Facebook and Instagram Ad Network that deployed the first week in November, before the actual giving day, asking donors to pre-schedule their donation.
  2. A more urgent campaign the week before CGD to promote the giving day and increase traffic to the organization’s landing page on the CGD website.

To garner the best results, we used their existing list of donors who had supported CGD during the last 5 years. This helped boost response because users were already familiar with the giving day, and targeted potential new donors to encourage them to participate. For the second campaign, we retargeted users who had the most engagement with the first set of ads that ran a couple weeks prior. This allowed us to reach an audience that was more likely to convert. (CGD landing page did not allow tracking of gifts through their website donation page so we optimized on link clicks)

RESULTS: Donor Detectives helped our nonprofit client determine and target multiple custom audiences during this campaign, and users responded generously. Just look at how successful this social campaign was at generating gifts from Facebook and Instagram users on Colorado Giving Day.

Total Gift Value of the campaign, including digital: $491,923
Total Gifts: 1,275
Avg Gift: $385
95% of the website traffic came from new donors
Revenue increased by 118% from previous year CGD

One note: As you most likely know from news reports and your own use of social media, the landscape of Facebook changes constantly. The algorithms used to serve organic posts from friends/followers and/or paid ads by areas of interest are always being updated and refined by Facebook.

Based on our recent success in fundraising on Facebook, we’re optimistic about these changes and the opportunities they offer to increase giving. But like everything in digital, we’ll continue to test, measure, analyze and adapt our strategies to maximize results through this digital channel.

Bottom line: Facebook can be used for more than just posting recipes or vacation photos. With guidance from the experts at Donor Detectives, it can be used to generate instant revenue and results!

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